China Energy Portal publishes Chinese energy policy, news, and statistics and provides tools for their translation into English. Translations on this site depend entirely on contributions from its readers.

All items published on China Energy Portal are from governmental websites. A link to the original source is provided with each individual item.

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Line-by-line translation of Chinese texts:

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  • Of course you can choose to focus your efforts on the subject area you think is most interesting. If you don’t have a very strong preference, see some suggested texts to help translate in the list of most wanted translations.


Other ways to contribute are:

  • Summarize: Write an English summary of the main points of a text, see instructions here.
  • Submit translations: If you happen to have, or came across a fully translated document, please submit it for publication on China Energy Portal here.
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What's included on China Energy Portal

  • Policy items: the primary purpose of this portal. Exhaustive overview of policy documents as published by the National Energy Administration and the National Development and Reform Commission. Policies from other agencies (see also below) will be added when highly relevant to energy developments.
  • News items: selection of items from the National Energy Administration, the NDRC, the China Electricity Council and State Grid corporation, industry organization such as the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association, Chinese Renewable Energy Society, Chinese Wind Energy Association etc, and a few dedicated renewable energy news portals.
  • Statistics: mainly annual and quarterly reports as published by the National Energy Administration and China Electricity Council.

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